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Microflex® The Most Trusted Name in Gloves® and in First Responder. As a first responder, you know that every second counts.  You also need to know that you are protected in every situation.  With all the different challenges you face on a daily basis, deciding what glove to wear shouldn’t be one of them.  Choose Microflex® gloves with confidence, the #1 branded glove company in EMS for numerous years!

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Testimonials from our First Responder Community.
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  • Chuck G, Battalion Chief, EMS Division, Denton, Texas

    I had a few of our medics try the glove samples and they were impressed. When asked if they thought I should order a few boxes for a trial, they all said absolutely. The medics who tried the "UltraSense® EC" were impressed most by the strength of the material and the tactile sensation.

  • Holly S, ARCH Medical Service,

    UltraSense® gloves, in comparison with our previous nitrile gloves, are thinner, more flexible, have much better tactile sensation, cause less hand sweating, and tear less [than other nitrile gloves.]

  • Terry C, Manchester, CT

    Your products are far superior to any other brand we've used and we have been in business for 50 years!