Laboratory Community
Laboratory Community

As a laboratory professional, Microflex understands your demand for performance and quality. We specifically design and engineer our products to meet your needs.  Our products are designed for maximized comfort and dexterity while maintaining the durability that your job demands.  Microflex has a broad line of latex, nitrile, and synthetic products.  Whatever your hand protection needs, we have the products you can count on. It is how we’ve earned the right to say…Microflex® The Most Trusted Name in Gloves®

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Testimonials from our Laboratory Community.
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  • Denise, Laboratory Manager, Minneapolis, MN

    Both my donor and lab techs finally agree on a glove. Having used the UltraSense® gloves for some time, we are very impressed with the product. The glove is very comfortable. We have employees who have shown allergic reactions to latex gloves, but they have been delighted with the results of the UltraSense® gloves. I can’t say enough about the product. We love it!

  • Matthew, Technical Specialist, Dover, PA

    We were hoping to move towards non-latex alternatives, if possible, because many of our staff were becoming allergic. The non-latex options we tried were inflexible, slick, and a lot of people didn’t like them. These UltraSense® gloves of yours are the most latex-like nitrile gloves I’ve ever used.