CE5-755 12

Class 100 - 12" Nitrile

Product Code # CE5-755

Features and Benefits: Choose from 9" or 12" cuff lengths to meet your specific protocol. Low surface particulates, ionic extractables and non-volatile residues. 100% nitrile to alleviate the potential for adverse reactions associated with latex protein. Does not contain Silicone. Multi-Class cleanroom compatibility. Provides superb aesthetics, dexterity, tactile sense, fit, feel and comfort.

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Glove Specifications

CE5 12" Nitrile
Particle CountMax. 2,000/cm² (Tested in accordance to IEST-RP-CC-005.2)
Protein LevelThis product DOES NOT contain Natural Rubber Latex
Trace Elements
(Br) Bromide:
(Ca) Calcium:
(Cl) Chloride:
(F) Fluoride:
(NO3) Nitrate:
(PO4) Phosphate:
(K) Potassium:
(Na) Sodium:
(SO4) Sulfate:
0.30 µg/cm²
1.00 µg/cm²
1.00 µg/cm²
0.10 µg/cm²
1.00 µg/cm²
0.30 µg/cm²
0.30 µg/cm²
0.30 µg/cm²
0.30 µg/cm²
FTIRSilicone oil, Amide, DOP (Tested in accordance to IEST-RP-CC-005.3) are non detectable
Non-Volatile ResidueMax. 30 mg/g. (Tested in accordance to IEST-RP-CC-005.3)
Surface ResistivityMax. 1 x 10¹¹ ohms/square
Static DecayMax. 3 seconds. (Tested in accordance to FTMS 101-C, 4046)
Triboelectric ChargeMax. 50 volts.
Length (mm)min. 290
Palm Width (mm)95 ± 10
Palm Thickness (mm)0.10
Finger Thickness (mm)0.12
Cuff Thickness (mm)0.08
Tensile Strength (MPa)min. 25
Ultimate Elongation (%)min. 500
Certificate of AnalysisA certificate of analysis is available upon request to ensure all products shipped conform to specified specifications.
Quality AssuranceManufactured under ISO 9001 Quality System.

Glove Attributes

SizesX-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large
CuffExtended Cuff length (12"), Beaded
Glove InteriorPowder-Free
Glove ExteriorTextured fingers
UsageFor single use only.
CleanroomClass 100/ISO 5
Packaging100 pieces of gloves per double polybags,
10 polybags per master polybag, 1 master polybag per carton.
(XXL: 90 gloves per polybag, 900 per carton)
Note : inner & outer polybags are manufactured & processed in ISO 5 Cleanroom

* Attributes and specifications displayed are for medium sized gloves.