Hand Specific HSCE4-879 12

12" Sterile Hand Specific Latex

Product Code # HSCE4-879

Features and Benefits: Washed in microprocessor controlled, two-in-one, washer/dryer laundering system to provide very low surface particulates, ionic extractables and non-volatile residues. Micro textured surface enhances wet or dry grip. Silicone-free. Multi-Class cleanroom compatibility. Provides superb aesthetics, dexterity, tactile sense, fit, feel and comfort. Hand specific design minimizes unnecessary stress and strain that can cause musculoskeletal injury over time Irradiation indicators are placed on all master poly-bags and cartons – your guarantee of sterility assurance. Hand Specific, curved fingers, bisque finish (SH2) and beaded cuff.

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Glove Specifications

CE4 12" Latex Hand Specific (Sterile)
Sterilization MethodGamma Sterilization. Certififed sterile at a minimum dosage of 25 Kgy.
Particle Countmax. 650/cm²
Protein LevelBelow 50 µg/g. (Tested in accordance to ASTM D5712, current revision)
Trace Elements
(Br) Bromide:
(Ca) Calcium:
(Cl) Chloride:
(F) Fluoride:
(Mg2) Magnesium:
(NO3) Nitrate:
(PO4) Phosphate:
(K) Potassium:
(Na) Sodium:
(SO4) Sulfate:
0.10 µg/cm²
0.50 µg/cm²
1.00 µg/cm²
0.10 µg/cm²
0.03 µg/cm²
1.00 µg/cm²
0.10 µg/cm²
0.15 µg/cm²
0.10 µg/cm²
0.10 µg/cm²
FTIRSilicone oil, Amide, DOP (Tested in accordance to IEST-RP-CC-005.3) are non detectable
Non-Volatile Residuemax. 30 mg/g. (Tested in accordance to IEST-RP-CC-005.3)
Length (mm)min. 279
Palm Width (mm)95 ± 4
Palm Thickness (mm)0.15
Finger Thickness (mm)0.20
Cuff Thickness (mm)0.13
Tensile Strength (MPa)min. 24
Ultimate Elongation (%)min. 750
Certificate of AnalysisA certificate of analysis is available upon request to ensure all products shipped conform to specified specifications.
Quality AssuranceManufactured under ISO 9001 Quality System.

Glove Attributes

CuffExtended Cuff length (12"), Beaded
Glove InteriorPowder-Free
Glove ExteriorSmooth
UsageFor single use only.
CleanroomClass 10/ISO 4
Packaging1 pair per poly-wallet, 1 poly-wallet per inner polybag,
10 polybags per master polybag, 20 master polybag per poly-lined case.
Note : inner & outer polybags are manufactured & processed in ISO 5 Cleanroom

* Attributes and specifications displayed are for medium sized gloves.