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Below you'll find useful product literature, sell sheets, glove catalogs and chemical resistance charts.

Catalogs and Brochures

Microflex Apparel Catalog

Microflex Automotive Brochure

Microflex Catalog

Microflex Controlled Environment Brochure

Microflex Dental Brochure

Microflex EMS Brochure

Microflex Healthcare Brochure

Microflex Industrial Safety Brochure

Microflex Laboratory Brochure

Microflex Law & Corrections Brochure

Microflex Spanish Catalog


Microflex Chemical Resistance Guide

Microflex Chemical Resistance Guide for Automotive

Microflex NeoPro Chemical Resistance Guide

Microflex Technical Bulletin - Ergonomic Certification

Microflex® Ultraform® Cost Savings Calculator

Microflex® Ultraform® Global Impact Calculator

Microflex® XCEED® Cost Savings Calculator

Microflex® XCEED® Global Impact Calculator

Microflex® XCEED® Global Impact Summary

Sell Sheet

Black Dragon® Spec Sheet

Black Dragon® Zero Spec Sheet

Blaze® Spec Sheet

CE4-200 12" Latex Spec Sheet

CE4-313 12" Nitrile Spec Sheet

CE5-512 12" Latex Spec Sheet

CE5-755 12" Nitrile Spec Sheet

ColorTouch® Pink Spec Sheet

ColorTouch® Spec Sheet

ComfortGrip® Spec Sheet

Derma Free® Spec Sheet

Diamond Grip Plus™ Spec Sheet

Diamond Grip™ Spec Sheet

Dura Flock® Spec Sheet

Evolution One® Spec Sheet

FreeForm® EC Spec Sheet

FreeForm® SE Spec Sheet

HSCE4-879 12" Latex Spec Sheet

HSCE4-899 12" Nitrile Spec Sheet

Micro One® Spec Sheet

MidKnight® Spec Sheet

Neogard® Spec Sheet

NeoPro® EC Spec Sheet

NeoPro® Spec Sheet

Nitron One® Sell Sheet

PowerGrip® Spec Sheet

SafeGrip® Spec Sheet

Supreno® EC Spec Sheet

Supreno® SE Spec Sheet

Synetron® Spec Sheet

Tranquility® Spec Sheet

Ultra One® Spec Sheet

Ultraform® Sell Sheet

Ultraform® Spec Sheet

UltraSense® EC Spec Sheet

UltraSense® Spec Sheet

XCEED® Sell Sheet

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