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Why XCEED® Gloves? Protection.
Microflex Avantex™ nitrile formulation technology has raised the bar in the industry, delivering a glove that has set a new standard for protection.


Leading the Industry in Protection

The combination of Avantex™ polymer technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques delivers exceptionally consistent gloves with the lowest pinhole rates in the industry. XCEED® gloves have set the standard with pinhole rates that are nearly 75% below the already stringent level set by the FDA for examination gloves and more than 50% lower than the FDA allowable levels set for surgical gloves. Avantex™ technology has raised the bar for protection in the industry. XCEED® gloves have a freedom from holes of AQL 0.65.

Microflex® XCEED® Gloves SurpassAlready Stringent FDA Quality Levels

What's does AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) mean?

Acceptable Quality Level is a statistical measure used to set an upper limit or maximum number of defects that is allowable in a manufactured product during random sampling. This number can be simply thought of as a percentage of allowable defects. For medical gloves the most prominent quality metric that is commonly associated with AQL is barrier integrity or freedom from pinholes.

Patient examination gloves are required by the Food and Drug Administration to have an Acceptable Quality Level of 2.5 and an AQL of 1.5 is required of surgical gloves. Again, simply put, this means that for any given production lot a 2.5% or a 1.5% defect rate is allowable by the FDA. XCEED® gloves, however, are produced to a much higher standard with an industry leading Acceptable Quality Level of 0.65! XCEED® gloves have an AQL that is 3 times better than the FDA exam glove standard and 2 times better than the surgical standard. XCEED® gloves set a new standard for protection.