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Why XCEED® Gloves? Comfort.
As the 1st certified ergonomic exam glove, a comprehensive study proved that XCEED® gloves reduce muscle effort.



In a comprehensive study by the industry leader in ergonomic testing and certifications in the U.S., XCEED® gloves markedly reduced muscle effort when performing test manipulations as compared to a leading competitor's glove. Even more impressive, XCEED® gloves outperformed bare-hand manipulation reducing muscle effort.

up to 60% stronger than leading brands

Hand Fatigue is a Serious Issue.

up to 60% stronger than leading brandsProlonged muscle effort over longer periods of time can cause hand fatigue, which has been associated with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, as well as other hand injuries. These conditions are serious, painful and can reduce productivity especially in occupations where wearing disposable examination gloves is an essential requirement (e.g. dentists, hygienists, healthcare workers, scientists, etc.).


Hand Fatigue and Work Place Injury

  • Over 50% of dental professionals reported hand fatigue1
    • 9.2% of dentists have been diagnosed with some form of repetitive motion disorder2
    • 65% of registered dental hygienists reported having carpal tunnel syndrome3

What does Ergonomic Certification Mean?

According to U.S. Ergonomics, "A product that has received certification provides measurable ergonomic benefits to the anticipated users by improving comfort and fit and by minimizing the risk factors that may contribute to the development of ergonomic injuries."4

up to 60% stronger than leading brands

How is Certification Determined?

According to U.S. Ergonomics, "Certification is based on a series of tests developed specifically for a product family for the purpose of quantifying the ergonomic factors associated with the design. To obtain certification it must be evident that the product or equipment meets or exceeds threshold criteria for approval. These criteria are derived from published literature & standards and/or adhere to the fundamental principles of ergonomics and biomechanics. Testing includes a combination of objective and subjective factors to quantify the ergonomics effects on actual users. Subjective results must be obtained from experienced, non-biased users of the product family."4

up to 60% stronger than leading brands


XCEED® nitrile gloves out-performed the competition5:

  • In all evaluation categories XCEED® was given 8.8 - 9.1 out of a possible 10 (Excellent)
  • 81.3% of users indicated that XCEED® is "Somewhat better" to "Much better" than the gloves they were previously wearing
  • XCEED® performed better than competitive nitrile and as good or better than even a bare hand for muscle effort in the performance of postural tasks.

up to 60% stronger than leading brands
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